These are terms and definitions that all readers should know......

Degree: A degree describes how much of a dedicated book lover you are.

Degree #1 (most mild case)
  • Enjoys reading books for school
  • Checks out a couple of book blogs every once in a while
  • Has a small shelf of books at house
Degree #2 (average case)
  • Enjoys books in class and loves going to the Library.
  • Likes to read about the authors sometimes.
  • Has a medium size case of bookshelves.
Degree #3 (serious case)
  • Reads books in class and loves to talk about it and continues the series after the class is done.
  • Loves to go to Library and buy books because it was so good you need to own it.

 Hibernation is where a reader reads practically nonstop for a period of time.

The Waiting:
 The Waiting is the excruciating time between reading a new book and waiting for the next one to come out,

Book Eaters: Book Eaters are people who ruin a book for you by telling you the ending, or just plain out telling you what happens in the whole book before you have read it. They are like the famous Death Eaters from Harry Potter, only worse.

R.A.F.B: Books that are so bad that you literally have to run away from them! Beware, they can cause crying and in some cases (if you keep reading) unexplained singing and staring at shiny objects.