Monday, October 8, 2012

The Iron King Review

The Iron King


By: Julie Kagawa


 I read this book a while back, and no matter what other books I read, this has always been one of my favorites. This book is about a 16 year old girl named Megan Chase. On her 16th birthday her whole world is turned upside down. Her younger half brother Ethan is kidnapped into a place called the Nevernever. Megan has never believed in anything related to the Fae people. But, that starts to change, and fast. Especially when she learns her best friend is none other than Puck , her real father is the King of the Summer court, and a talking cat with the annoying habit of disappearing when you need him most .But don't forget the mysterious winter prince Ash. Megan races against time to get to a place called the Iron Realm to save her brother from its king Machine. The Iron Realm is place that no one in Faire has ever heard of, but is slowly gaining their attention, for Iron is lethal to all Fairies.
               Will Megan save her brother? Read this amazing book by Julia Kagawa to find out. And if you read, and love it. Then you should check out the three other books in the Iron Fey Series.
               This book was amazing from the beginning. It always had me wanting to read more. It has a funny side to it but also an adventure side to. The characters in the Iron Queen are easy to relate to. For instance, Megan is made fun of and picked on by everyone except her best friend. And honestly who has not had that happen to them? So this book I officially give this book 5 times worth reading.