Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Hibernation

Well, I have just come out of what I like to call my "book hibernation , that's pretty much where I just read and only stop to pee and maybe eat. Soooo..... you may be asking yourself 'what kind of books/books could cause a person to go into hibernation ' I would then reply all books. DUH! But, this recent hibernation I had a couple of really good reads. Now drum roll please........

By: Jennifer Rush
First of all, just look at the cover. Damn. Well, moving on now. This  book was pretty kick ass. It is about a girl named Anna ,who lives in a farm house with her father. Oh! And also the four hot guys in her basement. Got your attention now right? :) thought so. Well the boys ( Nick,Sam,Cas, and Trev) are all experiments and Anna helps her Dad in the lab with them. The all amnesia so they can not remember a thing. But one day, people from the Branch ( the program that hired Anna's father) come to take the boys. Well, as you can guess nothing goes right and it ends with the boys and Anna on the run. But, Anna starts to question who she can trust. Does she even know these boys? And the more scarier question does she even know herself.

This book was very very good. I loved how Anna was not some wimpy character, she could actually take care of herself  It has action, suspense  and as any good book some hot guys. But what happens to Anna and her "gang"? Well go buy it, borrow it, or check it out at a library. 

Well, til next time all you nice people, or at least nice til someone threatens your books and you turn into a rabid squirrel on steroids, see you later!

Oh! Don't forget to tell me what you think of the book. Or what books send you into your own book hibernation.