Sunday, April 14, 2013

Different Degrees

I have been told that I am one of those "crazy" readers. But what does that even mean really? To me there are a couple of different degrees of book lovers.

Degree #1 (most mild case)
This case has symptoms such as

  • Enjoying books in class
  • Checking out a couple of blogs every once in a while
  • Has a small self of books in your home.
Degree #2 ( average case)
  • Enjoys books in class and loves going to the Library.
  • Likes to read about the authors sometimes.
  • Has a medium size case of bookshelves.
Degree #3 ( serious case)
  • Reads books in class and loves to talk about it and continues the series after the class is done.
  • Loves to go to Library and buy books because it was so good you need to own it.
  • Has books everywhere; closet,bookshelves,tables,dest,floor.
  • Stalks authors blogs.
Using my handy dandy chart above, you have to ask yourself a very serious question. What case are you?
I am a proud case of degree 3! 
So til next time keep on reading and if you are not even a case 1, you have some serious life evaluating to do.