Saturday, June 22, 2013


Long time no see!!!

 I have been a very bad blogger, and I apologize. I will be writing much more now.

As you can see to the side I have the polls still up. Keep voting!!!!! Now... I have a new term for you. I recently was at the bookstore ( surprise surprise!!!), and I was looking through some new books, when all of the sudden I overheard someone ( in a very loud voice) giving their friend the entire summary of the book!!!!!!! THE ONE I WAS ABOUT TO GET!!!!!!!!!! 
   <- my face ( only add tears)

I like to call those books ruining heathens Book Eaters! Yes, just like in Harry Potter! Only instead of stealing your soul they steal your books. So, you could say they are worse than the Harry Potter Death Eaters . Watch out for them, they can ruin books for you.  Tell me what you are reading for summer and how it is!!! Til next time!!!!