Monday, July 8, 2013

Before the Fairy-tale

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Book: Before the Fairy-tale 
Author: Iscah
Pages: 125

Blurb: "Banished from her village, a young shape shifter sets out on a journey to find her place in the world...

The first of four "Before the Fairytale" stories, "The Girl With No Name" is told in a deceptively simple storybook style with the flavor of an original Grimm's fable, but don't expect your typical once upon a time scenario. This is a coming of age tale humorously interwoven with social commentary."

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Rachael's Recap

Book Rating: 3.5 chocolate bars
Cover Rating: 2 chocolate bars 

What do you do when you have no name? This is a story of a young girl, who starts her journey searching for her father. She goes through many parts of her world, and experiences many things. This book, for me, was a nice light read. The characters were nice, but nothing too deep. Almost all of the characters were likable, but you never got to know them. The Girl was kind and caring, but never let anyone push her around, especially the prince. It was a fun story to read and at the end left me with questions and also left me wanting to read more.
What I loved
  • It was a fun light story
  • Different than most things I have read

What I wished were different 

  • I wished the ending was stronger
  • It did not have a climax or clearly state what happened to her father
  • Ended too soon

If you are looking for a light fun story I suggest you go to amazon and get a copy of Before the Fairy-Tale!